Abby Reimer

UX Strategy Manager, McClatchy

Abby can discuss shaping your own job description, running efficient meetings and presentations, UX research and the business of journalism.


Angela Pacienza

Head of Experience, The Globe and Mail

Angela can share tips on being a new manager, culture change, newsroom organization (and re-orgs), having difficult conversations, finding your confidence, and managing up — and down.


Angela Wong

Product Manager, The Washington Post

Angela can discuss product management, leading technology teams, navigating product-editorial-business divide, data science and personalization, A/B testing, and dealing with impostor syndrome.


Anika Anand

Director of Programming, LION Publishers

Anika can coach on community engagement strategy/projects, events, launching newsletters, systems and workflows, and the delight and agony of working at news startups.


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Anush Elbakyan

Senior Editor for Video, The Boston Globe

Anush can offer guidance in promoting visual storytelling in traditional newsrooms, and building and leading visual teams. 



Director of Product at Chalkbeat

Becca can talk about product management, changing your career path, leading happy cross-functional teams, design thinking, and learning how to code.  


Bo Hee Kim

Senior Manager and Editor of Newsroom Strategy, The New York Times

Bo can coach on career transitions, working between product/design/editorial, collaborating across different teams, and having difficult conversations.


Brittany Grant

General Editor – Strategic Analytics, ESPN’s The Undefeated

Brittany can coach on corporate communication, identifying how to use insights in editorial decision making, and building a network you can rely on.


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Brittany Hite

Newsroom Project Manager, Los Angeles Times

Brittany can coach on working/moving overseas, making the transition from small town to big-city media, and resumes/cover letters.


Cara Richardson

Senior Manager of Digital Content Strategy, USA TODAY

Cara can talk about crafting a new path with your current employer, coaching digital best practices up and down the hierarchy, and how to make flex-time a reality.


Carolina Guerrero

CEO & Co-Founder, Radio Ambulante

Carolina can coach on entrepreneurship, leading remote teams, building bilingual and transnational audiences, and podcasting. Hablo español.


Charo Henriquez-Scaia

Senior Editor of Digital Strategy, The New York Times

Charo can coach on leadership styles, fostering innovation, developing relationships and finding allies, managing change, and career planning.


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Chelsea Matiash

Senior Editor, Digital Storytelling and Training, The New York Times

Chelsea can coach on managing projects and meetings, networking and professional development opportunities (in photography), and having difficult conversations.


Christie Post

Director of Marketing at Hypergiant

Christie can share how to use your journalism skills outside of traditional media and navigate a career in technology and innovation.


Christina M. Tapper

Deputy Editor, Zora magazine (at Medium.com)

Christina can coach on managing people, creating a productive team culture, developing a life mission statement, crafting an exit strategy, and transitioning from a doer (writer/reporter/line editor) to a decider (manager/senior leader).

corinne chin_square_300.jpg

CorinNe Chin

Video Editor, Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Leader at The Seattle Times

Corinne can coach on documentary video journalism, considering graduate school, ensuring diverse and inclusive coverage, and starting/building formal programs for diversity, equity and inclusion in your newsroom.


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Corvaya Jeffries

Digital Content Strategist, GateHouse Media Florida Group

Corvaya can coach on managing up, managing burnout, increasing productivity, content creation and storytelling, better networking, memorable interviewing, identifying work cultures and communicating effectively.


Deblina Chakraborty

Director of Digital Content, Denver7 at The E.W. Scripps Company

Deblina can coach on fostering innovation in legacy newsrooms, improving newsroom efficiency, building effective teams, leading through times of transition, and turning your frustrations into positive change. 


Delaney Ross

Director, Content Programing and Search; National Geographic

Delaney can coach on getting your ideas heard and prioritized by management, asking for vacation (and other nerve-wracking conversations), and advocating for others, especially as a manager.



Communications Manager, Public Affairs, Microsoft

Dhiya can coach on working at startups and large organizations, being a storyteller outside a media company, finding work/life chemistry and goal-setting.


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Eline Gordts

Deputy West Coast Editor, GuardianUS

Eline can coach on pitching a project or story, motivating a team, middle management and leading and managing remotely.


Elite Truong

Deputy Editor, Strategic Initiatives at The Washington Post

Elite can coach on finding your niche in media, collaborating across technical and editorial teams, switching career tracks, and managing money.


Elizabeth Hoekenga Whitmire

Senior Director of Audience Development, Alabama Media Group

Elizabeth can coach on pushing innovation in local media, creating a new position for yourself, audience engagement and growth strategies, and managing remote employees.


Ellie Krupnick

Managing Editor, Eater

Ellie can coach on time management and organization; project managing editorial projects; and managing happy teams and direct reports.


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Emily Ristow

Loyalty and Engagement News Director, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Emily can coach on digital strategy, goal-setting, being a new manager, newsroom training and innovating in a legacy newsroom.


Emily Withrow

Director, Quartz Bot Studio

Emily can coach on navigating big-swing career pivots, crossing the product-editorial-business divide, dealing with unknowns in emerging tech, working remotely, and generally what it’s like to be a misfit. 


Emma Carew Grovum

Journalist and Product Manager; Media Diversity Advocate

Emma can coach on newsroom operations, working with technology teams, being a newsroom trainer, diversity initiatives, and collaborative problem solving.


Emma Patti Harris

Assistant Managing Editor for Visuals, Education Week

Emma can coach on having difficult conversations, how to manage creative professionals, and work/life balance as a working mom.


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Erin Haluschak

Reporter/Editor, Black Press

Erin can coach on leadership in male-dominated newsrooms, creating leadership in small organizations and taking small steps to bigger change. She’ll also remind you to get up and go for a walk.

Erin Peterson Headshot for Digital Women.jpg

Erin Peterson

Executive Producer + TEGNA/ WXIA 

Erin can can coach on innovating newsroom culture, getting organized, and inspiring your team to maximize their potential.


Erin Skarda 

Digital Editor, 5280 Magazine

Erin can coach on leading digital teams in legacy media, working with a small staff and budget, planning and executing a website relaunch, and advocating for better work-life chemistry (especially as a new mom).


Federica Cherubini

Engagement Manager at Hearken, Europe

Federica is based in London. She can coach about managing cultural change and digital transformation processes; working collaboratively across departments, countries and continents; and figuring out a new career path in digital media.


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Gina Falcone-Rupp

Senior Manager, Product Operations; McClatchy

Gina can coach on digital strategy, digital subscriptions and paywalls, managing change in a rapidly changing workplace, communicating up, and finding that elusive work-life balance. 

Ginny Romney cropped.jpg

Ginny Romney

Homepage Editor, Deseret News

Ginny can coach on uniting print and digital cultures, improving morale, refining workflows and on bringing hobbies into the newsroom.


Hannah J. Wise

Manager, Interactives; CBC News

Hannah can coach on bridging tech and journalism, plotting a path from A to B, boosting confidence, and balancing work and motherhood.


Hannah M. Wise

Social Strategy Editor, The New York Times

Hannah can coach on pitching projects, managing up, presenting your best work online, and remembering to take care of yourself. Oh, and she can teach you to embroider.


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Heather Bryant

Director, Project Facet

Heather can coach on entrepreneurship, personal branding and marketing, managing collaborative teams, and class imposter syndrome.

14199284_10153655053917493_8054707531958530316_n (1).jpg

Jareen Imam

Director of Social Newsgathering, NBC News

Jareen can coach on leadership development, navigating newsroom culture and corporate settings, social media best practices, verifying/debunking information and developing writing skills.

Jennifer Amur photo.jpg

Jennifer Amur

South Asia and Africa Editor, The Washington Post

Jenn can coach on transitioning out of "digital-only" roles, pushing for innovation in daily storytelling, and organizing teams and systems.

14305285_10154551528718470_3853330349461431913_o (1).jpg

Jennifer Mizgata

Director of Programs, Online News Association; Organizer, Women's Leadership Accelerator

Jennifer can coach on leadership styles, career development, managing up, pushing innovation, managing change and removing blockers; and she loves to give feedback on resumes, cover letters, pitches, and project proposals. 


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Jenny Lawton

Senior Editor, WNYC Studios 

Jenny can coach on making podcasts, leading creative teams on deadline, and navigating ambiguity in your organization and career.

Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath (1).jpg

Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath

Head of Video, News24

Jerusha can coach on developing and implementing new multimedia strategies, interview skills (on and off camera, and in job interviews too), organising your projects and personal life and on moving into new leadership positions.


Jessica Morrison

Product Manager, Chemical & Engineering News

Jessica can coach on transferable skills, navigating culture change, and asking for what you want.


Joni Deutsch

On-Demand Content & Audience Engagement Producer, WFAE

Joni can coach on podcasting, public media, music/audience engagement, collaborations, leadership/team management, and how to get the word out about your work.


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Julie Westfall

Former Deputy Politics Editor, Los Angeles Times

Julie can coach on compensation negotiations, workflow updates and hacks, and managing change in traditional newsrooms.


Kainaz Amaria

Visuals Editor, Vox

Kainaz can coach on how to run visual teams in non-visual newsrooms, how to transition from a freelancer (doer) to a manger (decider/coach), and how to lead happy teams.

KCobham 300x300.jpg

Kari Cobham

Senior Manager of Digital Content, Cox Media Group

Kari can coach on unconventional career paths and switching teams, building buy-in, work/life chemistry, and managing work alongside motherhood and personal crises.


Katherine McMahan

Program Manager, The New York Times; Executive Producer, BBQ Films

Katherine can coach on team dynamics, managing team health, moderating difficult discussions, team roles, event production, brainstorms, and building frameworks for productivity


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Katie Hawkins-Gaar

Program Organizer, Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media

Katie can offer advice on managing burnout, leading productive brainstorms, giving and receiving valuable feedback, and how to identify and advocate for a healthy workplace culture. She can also talk about navigating work and grief.

Poynter headshot.jpeg

Kay Steiger

Washington Editor, Vox.com

Kay can speak to how to build a team dynamic, using organization (and spreadsheets!) to free your people up to do their best work, and giving meaningful feedback.


Kelsey Proud

Managing Editor, Digital; WAMU

Kelsey can coach on public media, career development, multi-generational collaboration, digital + legacy newsroom integration, hiring, user-first storytelling, and effective communication.

Kim Profile.jpg

Kim Fox

Managing Editor, Audience; Philadelphia Inquirer

Kim can coach on leadership, transitioning into management (and finding your authentic leadership style), managing through periods of change/disruption, career planning, building new teams and workflows, salary negotiation and interpersonal conflict. She’s also available to talk about how to use design thinking in newsrooms and mid-career transitions.


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Kira Hoffelmeyer

Producer, KSL Newsradio

Kira can coach on making youth and "inexperience" your advantage, taking on a never-before-had role, finding your unfair advantage and having difficult conversations. 


Kristina Budelis

Co-founder of KitSplit and Visual Storyteller

Kristina can help with questions about entrepreneurship, startup life, videojournalism, branded content, pitching projects, product strategy, and events.


Laura Lee

Editor, Edutopia.org

Laura can coach on public media, negotiations, grad school decisions, career transitions, managing teams, and remote working.


Lauren Bracey Scheidt

Senior Product Manager, Listener Journey; NPR Digital Media

Lauren can coach on breaking down big, intractable problems into doable projects, and breaking down organizational silos.


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Louise Tierney

Director of Data, SAM

Louise could coach on strategic planning, either for a product in work or your personal planning; and how to navigate towards a role you want while getting as much as possible out of the role you are in. 

Perfil Lu Chica BN.jpeg

Lu Ortiz

CEO, NVALabs.org

If you are experiencing harrassment and/or predatorial behaviours in the newsroom, Lu can help to enhance your digital security and to build solutions using design thinking to deal with these difficult scenarios.


Mandy Hofmockel

Deputy Editor - News, Newsday.com

Mandy can coach on digital strategy, developing best practices, managing a small team and change in a legacy newsroom.


Mandy Velez

Social Media Editor, The Daily Beast

Mandy can coach on navigating the industry post-graduation, understanding cross-practice roles, moving up the job ladder, and handling a layoff or unexpected job loss.


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Mariah Craddick

Product Manager for Audience, McClatchy

Mariah can offer advice on transitioning from the newsroom to the business side of media/news publishing, and managing up (and down and around).


Masuma Ahuja

Independent Journalist / International Correspondent

Masuma can coach on how to make innovative and creative journalism projects succeed in newsrooms; how to do experimental journalism; and how to create a job that didn't exist before you.

Meena (1).jpg

Meena Thiruvengadam

Success Manager, Parsely

Meena can coach on audience strategy; business journalism; fellowship and scholarship applications; and managing your personal finances. 


Megan Greenwell

Editor, Wired.com

Megan can coach on transitioning to management, figuring out what your career path should look like, navigating life after a layoff, making diversity a priority in your newsroom, thriving in male-dominated environments, and job applications/interviews/negotiating.


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Megan Leach

News Editor, Digital; The Canadian Press

Megan can coach on newsroom collaboration between digital and traditional journalists, managing teams across different locations/shift times, avoiding burnout and how to deal with it when it happens.


Megan Whelan

Digital Editor, Radio New Zealand

Megan can coach on managing people, clear communication, and making sure you're not going crazy doing too many things. 


Megha Satyanarayana

Senior Editor, Chemical & Engineering News

Megha can coach on work-life pendulum, parenting in news, how to work with managers, and career-building.


Melissa Hall

Managing Editor, NCAA.com and PGA.com

Melissa can provide guidance on building strong teams, changing culture, and salary negotiations. Melissa has experience in local news, digital-first/only content strategy, and analytics. She's also happy to talk about dogs.


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Melissa Stasiuk

Deputy Head of Programming, The Globe and Mail

Melissa can coach on the challenges of being a first-time manager, leading change and having difficult conversations.


Millie Tran

Global Growth Editor, The New York Times 

Millie can coach on how to think about your career, especially if you're straddling many worlds and skills; managing across cultures, languages, remotely. etc.; negotiation and difficult conversations; and the most fun — just getting your life together, whether through tools, processes, or self-care. 

Monica Richardson Headshot.jpg

Monica R. Richardson

Senior Managing Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Monica can coach on having difficult conversations, early career decisions, newsroom strategy and execution decisions, change management, managing up and leadership from the big picture, 10,000-foot point of view.


Mpho Raborife

News Editor (Night), News24.com  

Mpho can coach on being a young leader, boosting productivity and highlighting issues of diversity and inclusivity into the newsroom.


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Nicole Stockdale

Director of Digital Strategy, The Dallas Morning News

Nicole can coach on having difficult conversations, time management and organization, managing change in a legacy newsroom, and how to balance work and parenting.


Nisha Chittal

Engagement Editor, Vox.com

Nisha can coach on managing people, teams, and large-scale projects; fostering innovation, pitching your ideas, career growth/planning, and how to present yourself online.


N’Jeri Eaton

Deputy Director of Programming & New Audience, NPR

N’Jeri can coach on managing difficult relationships, moving past professional hurdles and creating your own professional ladder to climb.


Noelle Swan

Science, Technology, and Environment Editor; The Christian Science Monitor

Noelle can coach on breaking into science writing, mentoring young writers, fostering collaboration, leading sideways, and cross-departmental communication.


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Núria Net

Content Producer, Radio Gladys Palmera

Núria can share her experiences in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, Latin media, music/entertainment journalism, motherhood, moving abroad, and figuring it out all over again. 


P. Kim Bui

Director of Audience Innovation, The Arizona Republic

Kim can coach on leading real-time news initiatives and creating new storytelling forms for digital, print and broadcast companies catering to local, national and global audiences.


Rachel Piper

Senior Director of Digital News, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rachel can coach on working with reporters, managing investigative projects, leading successful teams, role reinvention, and being a newsroom "change agent."


Rachel Rodriguez

Senior Producer, Social Media at CNN International

Rachel can coach on moving/working abroad, managing and collaborating across time zones, and cover letters/resumes.


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Rachel Rohr

Director of Training & Service, Report for America

Rachel can coach on podcasts, fellowships, public radio, startup-style workplaces and creating your own opportunities.


Rachel Schallom

Deputy Digital Editor, Fortune

Rachel can coach on building and leading teams, job hunting, kinder hiring practices, refining digital strategies, communicating effectively, and building your confidence.


Rebekah Monson

Co-founder and COO of WhereBy.Us

Rebekah can help with questions about product strategy, management, and entrepreneurship.


Ryann Grochowski Jones

Deputy Editor, Data at ProPublica

Ryann can coach on careers in data and investigative journalism.


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Samantha Ragland

Manager, Digital Storytelling Strategy; The Palm Beach Post

Samantha can coach on creating team culture, leading from anywhere, getting buy-in for passion projects, acing the interview and getting hired, public speaking like the Oprah you are, and more.


Sara Konrad Baranowski

Editor, Iowa Falls Times Citizen

Sara can coach on leadership in a small organization, the everyday fight against imposter syndrome, and the ongoing quest to find balance between work and motherhood.


Sarah Shenker

Head of Audience Engagement at BBC News

Sarah can coach on working in male-dominated environments, pitching projects, resilience, and developing your confidence.


Shannan Bowen

Editorial Product Strategist, McClatchy

Shannan can coach on developing your career path and skills, managing product and audience strategy, considering grad school, and creating work/life chemistry.


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Shira T. Center

Politics/Asst. Metro Editor, The Boston Globe

Shira can offer guidance on innovation in political journalism, and creating meaningful (and profitable!) change in traditional newsrooms.


StephAnie Backus

National Digital Editorial Manager, Hearst Television

Stephanie can coach on managing up, down, sideways and all around. Stephanie can also coach on having big ideas AND being able to execute them.

Tabatha Leggett.jpg

Tabatha Leggett

Freelance Journalist

Tabatha can coach on being a new manager, having difficult conversations, working overseas, navigating change and cover letters/resumes.


Taylor Shaw

Social Media Community Manager, Blue Cross NC

Taylor can share tips on launching online communities, social media projects, considering graduate school and transferring skills learned journalism to corporate communication. She can also provide feedback on your resume and cover letter.


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Veronica Toney

Director of Social Media for PBS KIDS and Education, PBS

Veronica can coach on reporting and editing lifestyle journalism, fostering diverse and inclusive coverage, and connecting with people through social media. 

VERSHA_2 (1).jpg

Versha Sharma

Managing Editor & Senior Correspondent, NowThis

Versha can coach on managing up, down, and sideways; being the only POC/WOC in the room; and dealing with fast-paced startup culture. She's also here for chats about ethics and social video. 

yiqing shao.jpg

Yiqing Shao

Senior Digital Editor, Boston Globe

Yiqing can coach on winding career paths, managing different personalities, seeing the big picture, and being a digital voice at newspapers and magazines.

office hours blank.001.jpeg

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